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I Look Beyond You
by Frank

I look beyond you
Yet Iím really a stranger
Before I spoke I knew this
I look in the shadows of you
See sadness and loss

Can't reach you
I see things you donít see
I feel things you can feel
Where is your heart
Where is your life

You were created
You were born same as me
You have two eyes same as me
You have life same as me
Yet your soul seems troubled

How can I reach this pain you have
Should I embrace this moment
Will I just move on forget you
Maybe this all a dream
Iím still asleep

But it isn't
Life has a purpose
You don't have one
You're locked away
Nice and tidy you think
But it isn't

Living in dark shadows
Isn't life
Pretending to be happy
Isn't really life
Need to come back

Iím waiting in hope you will
Your souls given up
But I haven't given up
Your worth it

We are strangers
But I wont give up
The souls very much apart
Now time to get it back

Be happy in your life
Make the mark
Souls to keep

by Frank
Temple of Light

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.