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by Frank

Dreams of you being a sail boat sailing in my head
you swim my secret oceans of coral blue and red
your smell is innocence burning, your touch is silk
and yet it touches my skin and I hear you breathe.

Its only when I sleep I see you in my dreams
Youíve got me spinning round and round
turning upside down, it's only when I sleep
Dreams of us together walking hand in hand

the sea mist is calling us as we step in the sea
In my dreams I hear you calling, you call out to me
Its only when I sleep, you have me spinning round and round turning upside down,
I smell your skin, searches my soul deep within, night after night.

Seeing you in my dreams of my secret places,
places within the corals of the oceans,
and the mists of the sea and the red glow of the sun,
dreams of you telling me that our life has only really just begun,
together night after night,
you come and lay beside me making everything seem wonderful, bright and so right.

Stars shining over head as you lay next to me lying together
on the soft golden sand holding each other gently holding hands.
Then I wake with the sun creeping in slowly start to stretch,
birds singing loudly they know the secrets too,
they know of our secret places because they are there too.

I find Iím always next to you, just like your twin or cat the Siamese,
can I keep you with me need you here with me forever within my galaxy,
can I keep you in my fantasy.
I can't breathe and I cant sleep
when you are not around,
every day is bloomy grey when you are not in town.
Every day is blue grey when you arenít around

So here I am, just need to say,
let every day come what may have you in it,
make sure together we can win it,
win this life together.

by Frank
Temple of Light

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.