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Insects and Bugs
by Gloria Janyszek

There are many insects and bugs,
Some are nice and some are not.
On the ground are all types of bugs.
How many bugs have you caught?

Be careful of the bumblebee,
Wasps, hornets, and the deer ticks.
Look all around and can you see
Grasshoppers and walking sticks?

Near the lakes are the water bugs,
Damselflies and dragonflies.
I like the pretty ladybugs.
See those pretty butterflies!

Mosquitoes like to bite at night.
Try to catch a firefly.
Moths are attracted to the light.
Shoo away that little fly.

There are insects in the meadow.
See the webs of the spiders
The brown recluse and black widow
Are the dangerous spiders.

At picnics, you will see the ants,
And your drinks attract the bees.
Be careful of the fire ants,
Yellow jackets, and the bees.

There are many insects and bugs,
Preying mantis and the flea
Earwigs, stinks bugs, and the cinch bugs.
How many bugs do you see?

by Gloria Janyszek

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.