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I'm Grieved
by Paul Leaman

Oh my Lord it grieves me so,
When folks to Thee will not go;
They go through life, with many cares,
And yet to Thee, never cry in prayer.

Knowing not You as a loving God,
In their sin and doubt, on they trod;
They work and play from day to day,
With no thought of You and their sinful way.

They look at their life, and think, I'm OK,
Yet one sin will condemn, on judgment day;
People in their seventies, eighties and more.
Think , all that religious stuff is a bore.

They laugh at Hell and Satan too,
They don't believe in the Bible nor in You;
If they do believe, they don't live like they do,
They don't go to church or spend time with You.

It's all so very sad to see them live so,
And yet You love them, of this I know;
For You sent Your Son, to die for their sin,
To give them new life and great peace within.

Work in their heart and work in their soul,
Help them believe and yield their control;
To be a Christian, is so wonderful to me,
Show them, even now, what a blessing it can be!

by Paul H. Leaman

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.