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A Quiet Walk
by Paul Leaman

I walked in a meadow with the sun on my face,
It was so pleasurable and quiet, a beautful place;
The Meadow Lark was singing it's same old sweet song,
That melodious songster lightened my step, and strolling along,

I came to tall grass and there lay a fawn!
Then a doe jumped up, and just as quickly was gone;
The fawn didn't move, hoping I wouldn't see,
So I backed off quietly and let them both be.

Then coming to a stream as it babbled softly by,
Down close to the water I saw an old dragon fly,
Skipping and darting as it went on it's way,
Looked to me like it just wanted to play,

Water from the stream cooled my warm brow,
Then looking up, I saw under a tree an old Jersey cow;
Then behind it, I saw several more, all looking at me,
Look and wonder, for they're always curious you see.

Then the smell of fresh patties, the honey suckle vine,
The clover on the hill side - across my nose did twine;
Bringing the smells of summer as thay wafted through the air,
With all the beauty around me, what a blessing to be there.

The azure sky was clear that day, as far as one could see,
With birds and butterflies, what blessing just to be ,
And see so much of what God, made for us all,
I'm enjoying it now, for it soon will be Fall.

As I went on walking, coming to a wooded place,
The trees so tall, seemed to be jostling for space;
The squirrels started hiding to stay out of view,
And every time I circled a tree, thay would too.

It was cooler in the shade, and the birds were singing so,
I couldn't see very many as I walked there below.
But their chirruping and warbling was pleasant to hear,
So, I stopped and sat awhile, listening with the ear.

Leaning against an old tree and looking up above,
I heard and turned and there on the grownd - a dove;
It seemed not to notice me as it pecked there on the ground,
But when I got up, it flew away, making that fluttering sound.

So I headed back to my truck that day.walking all the way,
Glad that I could spend the time to walk and the time to pray;
Glad that God has blessed me so much,
In giving me this time to get back in touch.

by Paul H. Leaman

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.