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The Angel Stood Alone
by Derry's Heart Poems

Alone? Am I alone?
Why do I feel thus all alone,
Walking in a sea of people?
Yet, no-one hears my sigh
Or the words my heart may know.

Am I alone as I ponder?
Am I alone as I stare
Behind the shadows?
Do I vaguely observe
Giving up the care?

I didn't see the hand of God reach down,
With protection all around.
I walked with eyes downcast.
For, there was no warm sunshine
To encompass me about.

And thus, I trudged along.
For, I couldn't hear the song,
Only a heavy feeling
That everything was wrong.

Alone? Yes, all alone ~
Walking sadly in an empty sea;
No-one to hear my heart
Or the cries that I may scream.

I couldn't feel the gentle touch
Of the angel, sent with love.
I brushed aside the tenderness
The Father sent, with softness, from above.

Alone? Am I standing all alone,
As I ponder there?
All alone I stay and silently stare,
Within the shadows that I bear.

Softly, I hear a whisper to gently
Open up the window of my heart
And I begin to feel the tender
Breezes blow, Heaven sent.

My eyes fill up with tears and overflow
As the morning light begins to creep into my soul.
Thank you, Jesus. Did You come to die for me?
Please fill up my emptiness with Your love
So I will be, nevermore, alone.

by Derry's Heart Poems
used with permission

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.