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One Day at A Time
by Joyce C. Lock

If just for today, Lord,
I値l keep my eyes and heart in tune
To Your ever-loving presence.

I値l walk with You,
Talk with you, and glean
Upon Your every word ...

Be ready to go,
Ready to stay, and bask
In the fullness of Your day.

If just for today, Lord,
I値l find joy in whatever
Comes my way ...

Give You glory in each situation,
Smell the roses, pat the dog, and
Enjoy the wonder of Your creation.

If just for today, Lord,
I値l check my thoughts,
Motives, and ways.

I値l see through Your eyes
All You壇 have me to see and
Be all You壇 have me to be.

I値l reach out to my fellow man,
Give others a helping hand,
And let Christ live in me.

~ * ~

The life of a true servant
Can only be lived
徹ne Day at A Time.

by Joyce C. Lock
Glimpses of God

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.