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by Joyce C. Lock

When shopping for summer attire, this year,
you will discover only three options available:

1. slinky.
2. bare all.
3. AC required.

And to think, this was the summer hubby finally said,
"Honey, go shopping and buy whatever you want."
He must have already been there.

Notice to Designers:
You iron it, you wear it, and you sweat in it.

Advise for the Clothing Industry:
Just say, "No!"

The following lists a few of this season's bloopers.

Consider it my way of saying,
"What were you thinking!?"


Have you ever noticed, in the store,
All the blouses, by galore;
With nothing for your seat
But to show your chunky cheeks?

Maybe you've checked out bottoms,
With pockets and a lot of 'em.
You might be looking sly,
If only you were a guy.

Then, there's those on the rear;
Wide flaps that none can steer.
They sure look good to you,
But broaden everyone's view.

Better save Capri's for the tall.
Otherwise, you've no leg left at all.
To choose the full length view,
A sweaty summer awaits you.

Though, my biggest complaint
Is that slinky little date
Whose clothes she poured right in.
Hey, you! Wipe that silly grin.

I suppose it should be funny
That stores don't want my money.
However, it's a lot more fun
Jeering at those who didn't run.


But, whatever you're selling today,
In the Mall or in the Mini,
I'll take one of those ~
When I get size 'skinny'.

by Joyce C. Lock
Glimpses of God

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.