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Why is God Blamed?
by Ramona Paulette Perry

Why is it, when things go wrong,
People blame God?
Do they not know that,
On this earth, Satan does trod?

Long ago, Satan was cast down
To earth, out of heaven.
This was after God created earth in six days.
Then, He took a rest on day seven.

Satan thought he would rule the heavenly kingdom.
But, Michael tossed him to earth, to the land of nod; nothing.
Along with Satan were the fallen angels.
They wanted to follow him.

Now, Satan was upon the earth
And to follow him was a sin.
Satan tempted God's creation
In the Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve were fine until Satan
Convinced them to sin and the fruit was eaten.
Satan is strong. He caused
God's man and woman to do wrong.

Now, man would work hard and
Woman would have the pain of birth.
No longer would they be as happy
As before, and not singing a happy song.

Now, as you can read
The history written above,
God now wanted man and woman to,
Once again, show their love.

You see, when things go wrong, don't blame God.
Satan is here and on earth he trods.
Satan is strong. He causes the wrong.

God can do anything, which He did in the beginning.
He wants us to learn lessons and quit our sinning.
God is not the one to blame, when things go wrong.
Remember, Satan is temptation. He is very strong.

It's Satan who causes pain,
Hurt, grief, and tragedy.
He knows we will blame God.
But, God is our remedy.

We all must change our hearts and ways.
Then, God will see that we have happier days.
Jesus will return soon and put Satan in his place.
Satan's season is short, now. He knows his fate.

If you do not know God, please,
Give your life and love to Him.
You will have an eternal life of love, happiness, no sorrow
Or pain, and live eternally in a home without sin.

by Ramona Paulette Perry

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.