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The Scent Of Evil
by Valentyne Lang

I ran, to escape the putrid smell,
To all four corners of the earth.
But the scent of evil was everywhere,
Having lingered from the time of man's birth.

As I ran, I peered in alley ways
And could not believe my eyes.
A young girl being beaten and raped;
Screaming for mercy while she cries.

I quickened my pace through a neighborhood,
But slowed when I heard a sound.
It was a woman and her little children
Being beaten and kicked to the ground.

Then, I came upon a prison
And, as I peered, my heart stood still.
I saw murderers and pedophiles
Doing drugs and popping pills.

I began running a little faster,
In the hopes that I'd find some peace.
But then, I stumbled amongst some cops.
Even they reeked of an evil beast!

Now feeling desperate to find someone
That could guide me through my search,
I found myself gazing upon an alter
Of what I thought was a holy church.

But as I strained to hear God's holy word,
I began to cry ~ as I realized
The words being spoken, by a preacher man,
Were clearly a bunch of lies!

And as if being lifted by an unnatural force,
I found myself running in all directions.
But no matter what part of the world I was at,
It was impossible to find any protection.

My legs were now aching and my eyes grew tired.
I was gasping for air in my lungs
And, as I stopped to try and catch my breath,
My eyes peered down the barrel of a gun!

It appeared to be an overbearing figure of a man.
The only difference was his number of faces.
He introduced himself as Mr. Government,
Hell bent to leave no human traces!

by Valentyne Lang

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.