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A Changed Pastor
by Paul Leaman

The Minister for many a year, made his proclamation,
Speaking with eloquence and proper pronuncation;

His first point was boring and the second was too,
The third point put all to sleep, yet what he said was true.

The vacant faces gazed upon, the good man standing there,
Though no one was listening, perhaps he was unaware;

Now over fifteen years, since one came down the aisle,
Nor has anyone been baptized, for such a long, long while.

If you were to go into his study, no Puritan theology there,
And when he starts a sermon, He doesn't start with prayer;

No groaning over souls, no sleepless nights in prayer,
No dread in entering the pulpit, nor thoughts of despair.

Then one night in his study, this thought came to him,
What if souls were his responsibility, he thought, Oh how grim!

Is their blood upon my hands? Thinking as he paced the floor,
For, for some strange reason, he never thought of this before.

The Spirit was working, and the man was greatly moved,
He paced back and forth, his heart being reproved;

"Ho every one that thirsteth, come ye to the water!" thought he,
Yes, I'll use that as my text, I'll use that as my plea!

When Sunday came, He was fearful he might break down,
He want up to the pulpit, and looking all around;

He began to speak; 'Ho!" He never spoke so loud before.
"Come!" He never held out his hands to plead before.

"He that has no money, come, buy wine and milk." said he,
And the tears rolled down his cheeks, as he made his plea.

The people sat in wonderment, no one sleeping that day,
As the old preacher pleads for souls, some began to pray.

The Spirit was moving in many a soul, hearts touched anew,
"God bless you for such a sermon as this, and thank you."

The old deacon said to him, as rays flashed from his eyes,
The preacher gave God the glory, much to his surprise!

Yes Pastors, yield to the Spirit, yield afresh and anew,
Folks will follow better, if they see the Spirit in you.

by Paul H. Leaman

Thoughts from C.H.Spurgeon - # 375

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.