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Enchanted Fairy Folk
by Frank

Enchanted fairy folk
Come forth in thy nest
Sit beside us thy feast begins
Na deep inside the forest
The fairy queen hides alone
Her enchanted dance must start

Enchanted fairy queen return
the circle near starts
In the lands of Fay
The fairy children gather and sing
Dance to the fey with wings

Spirit tree spirit plant bring forth the queen
The dance shall start
Dance of fairy folk gather now encircle
Amidst the wood the queen returns
The dance of the Fay shall begin

The world is weeping my friends
Let the dance begin
Rainbows enfold the river
Let it be done

Fay shall enter once more the circle
Enter not the dreams book of the past
Let it flow through the rivers
Water fairies will make it last

Let till then candle burns this night
End the dance four winds in site
In the lands of Fay
So let the fairy queen then return

by Frank
Temple of Light

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.