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I miss u
by Briana Hansen

When i told u i liked you
It wuzz as if i didnt excist to u anymore
I wonder do i excist to u now
At times, do i ever cross ur mind
Lil do u kno
But u always cross my mind
For along time
I wanted u to like me back
As more than a friend
But i dont want u to anymore
All i want involvin u
Is for me nd you
To become best friends once again
I miss all of those days
If only u knew
Everything ive ever thought about
Involving u
I miss every memory
I have of u
I wonder everyday
If we will ever make any new memorys
If u even wanna be my friend again
If u ever really wanted to be my friend
Or if u were just using me for help
I hope u werent just using me
But i noticed
Once u decided to try nd get over Lilly
U stopped talkin to me
Y is that
At times i wish
U still liked Lilly
Nd needed my help
Cause whether u were using me or not
I still enjoyed
Every second i spent with u
Sure its part of life to forget things
But all the memorys i have of u
Wont ever be forgetten
There will aways be footprints
In the sand
That will be yours
When i see you
Walkin down the hall
Like we used to last year
I just put a Smile on my face
Nd pretend everything is okay
When really inside
Im breakin down
Wishin that wuzz me
Walkin down the hall
By your side goin to class
With a smile on my face
Nd a smile on yours
I know u think u know
Wutt felt for u
But u really dont
U dont even know the half
Of wutt i felt for u
I wonder if i told u
Would u even care
If i died today
Would u notice me again
I highly doubt u would
I would be shocked if u did
I say i will take a bullet for u anyday
Nd if u ever died
I would do just that
People say that
You're a loser
Well they dont see u like i do
Some where along the lines last year
Of makin fun of eachother
Passin notes jus to say hey
Talkin about everything
Laughin about nothing
I fell in love with
Over the summer
U sayed u cried
Everytime u heard the song
Scars by Papa Roach
I doubt u cry now
To tell u then truth
Now whenever i hear that song
I cry
U used to cry
Whenever u heard it
Nd now i do
Because of u
Its true
I really did
Tear my heart open
Then sewed myself shut
Nd my weakness is
I care too much
If only you knew
Everything im sayin is true
I wonder were u true to me
Cause i wuzz always true to u
I always will be
People used to ask me
Y do u like him so much
Hes a loser
By the way he treats u
How can u love him
Yes i will admit
They are right
U were treatin me poorly
Sittin there ignorin me
Pretendin i didnt excist
But everyone messes up
Nd no matter how bad u mess up
I will always always be there
Right by your side
I know u probably wont believe me
When i say
I will be there for u
Before anyone else
Its the truth
Ill bet i care about u
More than anyone else
Has Ever
Nd will ever
I care about u
More than words can even begin to explain
If anything ever happened to u
I dont know wutt i would do
If anyone ever
Completely took u away from me
I think i would die
Without u i dont kno
If i would be able to live
All u have to do
To put a smile on my face
Is have a smile on yours
Everytime i look into ur babi blue eyes
It feels like the world is perfect
All i have to do is
Hear your voice
Or even jus your name
Nd i have a big smile on my face
At the dance
When Dani wuzz cryin
Nd i wuzz givin her a hug
U were standin there
Lookin into my eyes
Askin me wutt wuzz wrong with Dani
After i told u the answer
U jus sat there nd starred at me
Y i dont know
When other people
Were huggin Dani
U didnt sit there nd stare at them
So y did u stare at me
I dont really care y u did
But im glad
For a long time
I wuzz all depressed
Cause i liked u as much as i did
Nd u ignored me
But then i found out
If i asked u out
There wuzz a chance
U would say yes
I like stopped breathin
When i found that out
Once i could breathe again
Thats exactly what i did
I asked u out
2 days later u said yes
Sure i found out
U only went out with me
Cause u felt bad for me
But i still loved goin out with u
For 2 weeks
It felt like my life wuzz complete
I felt like i was in heaven
Nothing could put me down
I said if i ever went out with u
I would never break up with u
But i kind of had to
I really dont care
That u only went out with me
Cause u felt bad for me
Im jus glad
I can finally say
I went out with u
That was the one thing
I wanted more than
Anything else in the world
Nd i got it
They always say
Be careful what u wish for
So i think i shouldve wished
For u to like me
As more than a friend
Nd not to jus go out with me
Cause u felt bad for me
But that was then
Nd this is now
Now i have finally
Come to except reality
Nd come to except
That i cant keep
Tryin to make
A fanasty com true
I have learned to get over u
Yet u still remain
In my head nd in my heart
Yet i still need u in my life
Nd yet it hurts to know
There may never be a chance
Of us bein best friend once again
Yet u may never talk to me again
I just need u to know
Til that day
We may become best friends
I will be sittin here
Wishin i could gaze into ur babi blue eyes
One last time
Wishin that u knew
To me
U are my angel
God sent from the heaven's above
Wishin i had u
Wishin i didnt let u go
Rite now at this very moment
All i can say to u is
I will always love u
I miss u now more than ever

© by Briana Hansen
i would like to dedicate this poem to Ryan Rubega...
for about a year u were my best friend
nd now we bearly ever talk...
we say hi here nd there..
i miss u show much..
if only u knew...
i want u back in my life so badly!!!
itz not even funny!!
i wish u would take time so
i could talk to u bout everything!!

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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