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Two By Two
by Jody Dickey

From the Heavenly sky
God called down to Noah
"You are a good faithful man
Noah for this I will show
you my love, you
and your family will survive.
My heart is sadden
too much evil is being done
on this land I created called earth.
For forty days and forty nights
I will take away the sunshine
all over the land it will rain.
Built a wooden ark make it strong
Gather two of every animal
a female and a male
so they can give birth.
Bring the birds that sing a song
the cows that moo, owls that who
cats that meow, dogs that bark
bring all the animals two by two
your wife, and your family
aboard the wooden ark"
Noah did as God had said
aboard the ark every living
thing was lead.
Forty day and forty nights
God flooded the land with rain
"Do you think it may have been
his tears from Heaven"?
The water arose as high
as the snow covered mountain tops
every living thing left on the land
had died for this was God's plan
Then the rain had stopped
and the sun shined again
seven months had came and gone.
He opened the doors
stepped out on the deck
The wooden ark sat on top
of a mountain called Ararat
two by two you could hear
the birds sing, the cows moo
and the dogs bark.
Noah sent out a raven
to fly over the land below
back and forth to the ark it flew
but never bringing back
anything that grew.
Then he sent out a snow white dove
She came back with a fresh olive leaf
for one more year they stayed on the ark
God called down to Noah
"Noah it is time to leave the ark
rebuilt your home for your family
let the animals go two by two
from the cows that moo, the dogs that bark
the horses that nay and the owls that who"
Noah built an altar to Thank God
for keeping his family safe
within his arms of love.
God made a promise to Noah
there would never be another flood
to destroy all he created.
Up in the azure sky above
God created the rainbow.
It is God Promise to the world
"Do you think that every time
we see one that God is reminding us
that he keeps his promises and letting us
know we are loved"?

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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