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Where Did You Come From?
by Joyce L. Blume

Did you ever stop and wonder how you came into this great land,
when you could have been born in Africa or the country of Japan?
I thought about it many times since I was just a child.
My Mother said, "A stork brought you," but she said it with a smile!
"Yes," she said, "I found you as I picked violets in the woods one day.
I heard a tiny baby cry, and there on an old Pine stump, you lay.
So I took you home to be my own and loved you from the start.
I knew that God had sent me you,
and placed a Mother's love within my heart!"

I never understood this strange tale; to me it didn't sound just right.
I questioned where the stork came from as I lay in bed at night.
Did this bird come from Heaven? Oh, yes, I wonder why?
Did it tire of carrying me and leave me there to die?

Was it by chance, that I was found or was it all planned out by God?
Was I truly left upon a stump, or had my Mother lied?
My questions needed answering, but I never told a soul
For I wanted to trust my Mother about telling me this tale of old!

Then as I grew in mind and stature, I began to understand.
Many falsehoods are told to children to cover the truth of man.
Only God will tell the truth. He wrote it in His Book!
He will tell us where we came from if we only take a look!

In it, I found that God created, yes, a man and woman He did make,
and He made them perfect for each other,
but they were deceived by a great snake!
This snake was once an Angel, oh. so beautiful to behold!
He was placed in high position in God's Heaven, so we're told!

This snake, whose name was Lucifer, was created with a free will.
If he chose to serve in God's Heaven, than he would be there still!
But iniquity was found in him and he led a third of God's Angel band
to try to overthrow His Master, but found that no one can!

God cast him out of Heaven, down to this earth below.
He had His plan to use him when he was to make man, you know!
Satan roamed in the Garden of Eden, the place where God placed man.
He was there to test the first man Adam,
for God also gave free will to man!

Yes, Adam accepted sin onto man, out of the love for his dear wife.
He knew that she disobeyed and had lost their eternal life.
They tried to hide their sin from God, but this did not suffice!
It would take much more than foliage to restore their eternal life.

Blood had to be shed to cover their sin, so an animal, God did slay
and made them cloths of skin until a future day.
Generation upon generation was needed to teach this lesson to man.
For God Also gave man, a free will to choose,
He did not want another Satan' Band!

God's perfect sacrifice was to be His Son!
As His blood was absent from the taint of sin,
and He was to die upon a cross, and acceptable offering unto men.
Yes, whosoever will may come and drink of this water of life, FREE!
For those who drink shall never thirst,
A promise God gives to you and me!

So all the lies that man may tell,
Like, Santa Clause, the Easter Bunnies, the Stork and others,
Have caused many a soul to go to Hell.
Lies! Through their own fathers and mothers!
For they, too, have been deceived by this fallen angel,
now down here below.
He knows that his time is running out
and wants them to go. where he shall go. to HELL!

© by Joyce L. Blume

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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