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An Allegory
by Paul Leaman

Once a poor man had a dream,
at heaven's gate he stood.
He longed and longed to go in,
and would have, if he could.

At length a company of men,
approaching and singing aloud.
They each goodly to look upon,
covered in a white shroud.

So he stepped up to one,
and said, "Who are you?"
"We are all prophets of old.
We are many and not a few."

He watched as they passed the gates,
and hearing heaven ring with song.
Was cast down and so troubled,
for he couldn't go along.

Then another group came,
with music and much ado.
They were the noble army of martyrs,
"Well, I sure can't go with you."

They too were received with a shout,
with praise and much glory.
Alas again he stood without,
for his life was a sinful story.

Now a third company came hence,
preachers faithful and true.
They confessors of the word.
Were faithful all life through.

Well I'm not a preacher,
I've done nothing such as they.
His heart was ready to break,
as he watched them that great day.

When they had all entered
and were lost to his sight.
He heard great acclamation,
as they beamed with great delight.

"Well done one and all,
enter the joy of your Lord."
You have been so faithful,
receive your blessed reward.

He anxiously waited outside,
with a longing in his heart.
He had done so very little,
how his heart did smart.

Now a great company approached,
Saul of Tarsus in the lead.
Mary Magdalene and Rahab too,
a true multitude indeed.

"Who are you?" he exclaimed.
We are sinners saved by grace,
washed in the blood of Christ,
now our Savior we embrace."

"Thank God, I can go with you,
for I am a sinner like you,
I too have trusted in his blood,
and by his Spirit made anew.

Saying in his heart as they drew near
There'll be no song for us.
but much to his surprise,
they were lauded with a great fuss.

For they bring glory to his name,
and show all of God's great grace.
All glory to the Son of God
who died in my stead and place!!

© by Paul H. Leaman

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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