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Squeaky the Mouse (extended)
by Paul Leaman

Squeaky was a little mouse
who lived with his mom and dad,
they all lived in a great big house
and for this they all were glad.

They all lived in the kitchen
behind the cooking stove.
Their home was in the wall,
'twas a very snug little cove.

Squeaky was a gray mouse
with black eyes and pink nose
and his two large ears
were funny to some I suppose.

Squeaky was always happy and
Chipper mouse was his friend.
They were always playing together
and were friends to the end.

They loved to roam the kitchen
in search for something to eat.
Maybe a bit of cheese they'd find
or better yet, something sweet.

Mother told Squeaky one-day
of something that scared him so,
She said the house now had a cat
that loved to eat mice you know.

"You and Chipper must be careful
and be on guard both night and day,
for Max the cat is terrible,
if you hear him, run away!"

When Squeaky told this to Chipper,
he laughed with all his might.
"Why would a cat want to eat me,
surely Squeaky, you're not too bright."

"Oh I believe it's so Chipper
and you must believe it too."
"Naw, I just don't think of such things
and I sure don't think it's true."

Now it happened one day later,
when they were both at play,
Max pounced upon Chipper,
while Squeaky was running away.

Squeaky said to his mother,
"Why didn't Chipper run away?"
"He didn't see the danger son,
he just wanted to play."

Well Squeaky was very troubled
at the thought of losing his friend,
for he liked Chipper very much,
what a sorrowful and dreadful end.

For a time, Squeaky stayed home,
fearful to go anywhere.
So behind the stove - in the wall
Squeaky huddle there.

But alas Squeaky grew restless
and looking across the floor,
he could see Max in his bed,
over there, by the back door.

He watched and watched a long time,
he could see, Max was fast asleep.
So out from the hole in the wall,
Squeaky started to creep.

He made his way to beneath the stove
and then, looking out to see,
Oh no! Max wasn't in his box,
so back to his hole he did flee.

Safe inside, but trembling
Squeaky heart was beating fast.
Squeaky sat there quietly
waiting for the distress to pass.

Now Squeaky was growing bigger
and stronger every day.
Now he could run much faster
and was sure he would be okay.

Ah, but one time late at night,
while Squeaky looked for food,
Max came out of no-where,
in a very bad mood.

He took his paw and batted,
Squeaky across the floor.
Then pouncing on Squeaky,
he batted him once more.

Then Squeaky said to Max,
" Why are you treating me so?'
"Oh I just want to play with you,
for I get very bored you know."

"Day after day I just lay here,
or just walk around this old house.
They won't let me go outside,
so I'm content to play with a mouse."

Squeaky said,"Aren't you going to eat me,
as you ate Chipper sometime ago?"
"Oh no, I didn't eat Chipper,
I only batted him, then let him go."

"But Chipper was very frighten
and ran out a crack by the door,
I think he stays outside now,
for I never see him anymore."

On hearing this Squeaky was glad.
Then climbing to a window to see,
he searched for his old friend Chipper,
and said, "O where could Chipper be?"

So day after day he peered through the glass
and Max, well he look too.
Then sometime later, they heard a gnawing
and old Chipper came into view.

He was gnawing a hole in the side of the house,
yes he was gnawing and chipping away.
Well it wasn't long till he was inside,
O wonderful and happy day!

Squeaky ran to meet him then,
with a big smile upon his face.
"Ah, I thought you were dead my friend,"
and gave him a warm embrace.

Chipper, with great big eyes saw Max,
for he was standing there.
"It's okay Chipper, he's my friend now,
Max won't hurt you anymore, I swear."

"He just gets very lonely
and only wants to play."
Max gave Chipper a real big smile
while Chipper looked on in dismay.

It was quite sometime later,
in fact, maybe a week or two.
When the man that lived in their home,
could tell, mice were living there too.

So he set out many traps,
with chunky peanut butter on,
He was hoping to catch the mice,
that night or early dawn.

One was placed on the counter top
and Chipper was drawn by the smell.
He walked over to the trap and looked,
Ah, it smelled so really swell.

So he stuck out his little tongue,
to taste of this wonderful delight.
When a paw smack the trap away,
giving him such a fright!

Seeing what Chipper was about to do
Max smacked the trap away.
Then he spoke with a stern voice,
"Chipper, I saved your life today."

"Don't ever go near a trap like this,
it will smash your head for sure.
Max then jumped from the counter top
while Chipper's thoughts were unsure.

So Chipper told Squeaky later,
how Max knocked the trap away
and he was upset with Max,
much to Squeaky's dismay.

Squeaky asked Chipper, "Why?
Max was only helping you."
"Maybe." said Chipper,
"But I just wanted a bite or two."

Later, Squeaky told his dad
about what Chipper had done and he said.
"Oh son, If Max hadn't stopped Chipper,
today little Chipper would be dead.

Those traps are very dangerous,
they will surely smash your head!
O Squeaky, never go near a trap,
please son, remember what I said."

Later Squeaky saw Chipper
and told all that his dad had said.
But Chipper just smiles a little
and shock his little head.

"Don't you believe it Chipper?
Aren't you afraid you die?"
But Chipper just smiled a little
and made no reply.

Squeaky was concerned for Chipper,
for Chipper seemed not to care.
Why can't he see the danger,
why does he seem so unaware?

So Squeaky said to Chipper,
"Come, lets talk to my dad."
So they both went together
to speak with Squeaky's dad.

His father told this story
of a mouse named Carefree.
Who lived in the woods with his aunt
in the base of an old dead tree.

Carefree was an adventurous mouse
who loved to roam far and wide.
He loved to go out at night,
when the moon was his only guide.

His aunt told him one day,
to watch out for Dread the owl.
But Carefree just looked at her
with disbelief and a scowl.

"I can take care of myself Aunty,
for I can run very fast you know."
Carefree thought, tonight it will be very dark
and that old owl can't see where I go.

So out in the darkness, Carefree ran,
unaware that Dread was up on a tree
and with his keen ears,
Dread didn't have to see.

For he could tell where Carefree was,
and swooped down and caught that mouse
and he was never seen again by his aunt,
and never returned to their house.

Because Carefree wouldn't believe
and shunned the advice he was given.
He died an awful death,
for by his self-will he was driven.

"So Chipper, please heed my advice,
and stay away from those traps."
So Chipper did this for quit some time,
but then he had a relapse.

For one day he walked by a trap
and could smell wonderful peanut butter.
So he went over and touched it with his tongue
and bang - not a sound did he utter.

Squeaky and Max ran to see,
for they heard the loud smack fill the air.
Then aghast at the sight of poor Chipper,
their eyes welled up with a tear.

"O Chipper, Chipper my friend,
why wouldn't you believe all we said.
You were so self willed and blind,
and now you lay there so dead.

Many people in the world
are like Chipper today,
They won't look at the truth
and from Christ turn away.

They hear the Gospel
from a brother or friend,
but they don't believe
and are lost in the end.

© by Paul H. Leaman

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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