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What's a Friend
by Frank

What's a friend she said in a cool voice,
Be not the sweetness it holds
those things come and go like the winds
might be a test of endurance
or even worse than that.

Cut the pretense I said in a sad voice
Life I said to her
depends on way ye play it,
shocked as if she didn't understand
like some spider ready to spread her web

don't fancy being caught in that
well I said a friend's like a ball point pen
writes well, runs smooth
but the moment it runs out of ink
then that's time to be shocked

take ten steps and run
so think that's a poor view of being a friend
well I may wrong lassie
don't kid yourself either ye know fine well
friends are for moment sweet
until time passes then time endured

So does that answer your question I said
no she says not really
well nothing more to put it right
and soon the bell will ring
then what.

So you see what life's about
just being a friend cost much
again I said only if ye stop kidding yourself
maybe then you'll play the game .

Sad is it not, not really
you asked plain simple
and so a friend is like the winds
in out gone
that's a friend
just a test of endurance
to see how long it lasts
time tells no story

Other than just a game
if ye practice deceit
comes ten fold back
then what

© 2004 by Frank
Temple of Light

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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