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Christian, Stand Your Ground
by Paul Leaman

There were six that stepped out together,
With hope and youth on their side.
Stepping out on the road to the future
They walked with a youthful stride.

All life stretched out before them.
With bright hopes guiding their way.
Wanting to accomplish great things,
Yet of the six, only one thought to pray.

He alone had trusted in Jesus,
He alone was secure in Godís Son.
The others thought him a weakling
And of him they often made fun.

With time the years brought troubles,
Bright hopes faded from view.
Life was hard and severe for them all,
Of the five, not one had a clue.

One had turned to the flesh,
With lust aflame in his soul.
Still another to the numbness of drugs,
His life spinning out of control.

One even turned to religion,
With all itís pomp and formality.
But his life was still so shallow
With no spirituality.

One was absorbed with fame
And was known by all everywhere.
But of his everlasting doom
Alas, he was so unaware.

The last of the six turning to a cult,
Blinded to the truth of Godís Word,
Thought his friendís pleading for Christ
Was truly quite absurd.

They all said the same thing,
If finding Christ is good for you.
We are okay with that our friend,
And we are truly happy for you.

But please donít be a bigot,
Thinking you have found the only way,
That is so very narrow
And is just not accepted today.

Whether Christ is the only way
Is not something I must prove.
Can he that is formed deny his maker?
I ask not whether you approve,

But I state this with all my fervor,
Jesus Christ is the only way!
You must believe this my friends,
Or perish on judgment day!

© by Paul H. Leaman

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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