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The Traveler
by Paul Leaman

I, a citizen of a vast Kingdom,
My Ruler, great and strong.
We followed him so willingly,
A selfish and thoughtless throng.
The way stretched to infinity,
None spoke of where they were going.
We just kept to the crowded way
To a way that was easygoing.
After a time, I saw a drunk man
Who fell by the side of the way.
He lay in his own vomit and filth,
A truly disgusting display.
Others, engaged in fighting,
Stealing and all manner of lust.
Indeed, I became more like them,
Walking in sin and much distrust.
On and on, all seemed to wonder,
Wanting everything, wanting it all.
Yet many in the way did falter
And many in the way did fall.
The longer I walked in that way
The more things went awry.
Alas, I lost all I had
And none were moved by my cry.
For years I walked this broad way,
Unfulfilled, weary and worn.
I grew tired of my sinful living,
Oh that I could be reborn!
Then a preacher stood by the way,
Saying, "Come by this way my friend,
It is the straight and narrow way
And replete with blessing in the end."
So I entered in by that road
And found but few in that way.
It was hard with a steep ascent,
But joy filled my heart, day-by-day.
My old Ruler was wrought with me so,
And sent many to impede my way,
Oft I would stumble and fall,
But my new Lord, bid me to pray.
Oft then did I entreat him,
And pleaded for strength and care,
Now see I to the end,
And all the blessing awaiting me there.

© by Paul H. Leaman

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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