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Did They Hear?
by Joyce L. Blume

Did they hear about our Jesus,
Before the earthquake hit their land,
Did they know that God had sent the Saviour,
To save every human man.
Did some wait before they called out to Him
Until they were buried neath the stones?
Or was it just to late for them.
As they suffered, crushed and broken bones.

The Missionaries have gone to them,
To tell this land, of Him,
How He came and died to save them,
From this awful thing called, SIN!
Many built alters, to their own Gods,
And made their own Voo Doo sacrifice,
But sad to say, this salvation method,
Just will not suffice

Some dance and prance around a fire,
Wearing chicken bones around their necks.
Drink chicken's blood for atonement
Which to God has no effect.
To those that heard but did not heed,
Did it come into their minds,
When buried beneath the rubble,
Did some, the Saviour find?

Did the churches there, tell them truth?
How Jesus' blood would wash them clean,
That their pagan sacrifice was made null and void,
Only through Christ blood, could their soul be redeemed?
Or, how God sent them salvation, free--
If they would but only believe upon, His Son,
Through His shed blood, souls are saved,
And is the only way, it can be done.

Oh, how sad it is to wonder,
Just how many went to Heaven,
How many heard, listened and obeyed,
And their souls had been forgiven.
So now this horrible tragedy,
Has come upon their land,
And has drawn many true born Christians,
To salvage what is left of man.

People come from near and far,
Bringing medicine, cloths, food and water.
And many prayers go up for them,
To reach the Heavenly Father.
He will hear, forgive and bless,
For all men He does cherish,
He does not rejoice in suffering,
Nor does He rejoice in those who perish.

Life will go on, and things will change,
For the better, to those who praise His holy Name.
And hearts will heal, but they shall not forget,
For it will never be the same!
So, take heed to those whom God has sent,
To help lift those back upon their feet.
Yes, listen as they spread the word.
Help them, Satan to defeat!

© 2010 by Joyce L. Blume

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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