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by Paul Leaman

The sun, now lowing, in the western sky,
A cool summer breeze, slowly passing by;
The sounds and joys of summer, heard everywhere,
Life to the fullest, yes, summer fills the air.

A Red-headed Woodpecker, pecking near by,
Clothed in red,white and blue, giving a loud cry;
The dark blue gloss of its back, now gleaning so,
Contrasted with his red and white, truly all aglow.

Seen in the shade of the woodlands standing there,
Catching many, many insects, flying in the air;
Tapping on a tree trunk, turning then to hear,
Borring in pursuit, till the grub appears.

Then the Eastern Bluebird, with his cheery voice,
Quickly delights us all, and makes our souls rejoice;
With its soft blue coat, and breast of rusty red,
From wild fruit and insects, keeps his belly fed.

A Wood Thrush, with tones, solemn and serene,
Harmonizing with the sounds, of the forest scene;
The whispering breeze, raindrops, falling in glee,
All blend together, with his musical "A-olee!"

The White-Breasted Nuthatch, just like a squirrel,
Runs head first down a tree, like he's in a whirl;
Put food in a crack, and hammer with his bill,
He'll soon have a pine seed, acorn or a chestnut meal,

Northern Blue Jays are of much action and sound,
Their very loud, "jay, jay, jay"everywhere abounds;
Jays, with their wings spread, are striking to view,
With strips of white and black, against bands of blue.

A Cardinal is a beautiful bird, in his suit of red,
And he'll stay year round, anywhere he is fed;
If you put out a feeder, he'll spend time with you,
And from time to time, will bring a friend or two.

The American Goldfinch, a pretty little fellow,
With a black hat and wings, and a coat of yellow;
Loving companionship, they often flock together,
I guess you can say, they are truly birds of a feather.

The Northern Flicker, one of my favorite to see,
Likes to make his home, in a hollow tree;
He is a striking bird, a beauty to behold,
White, black, brown and red, and under wings, is gold.

The Northern Mockingbird, heard by us all,
Likes to sing way up high, on something standing tall;
Singing his little heart out, with many different songs,
Changing so often, you can tell to whom they belong.

I could go on and on, but let me close and say,
God gives us all these birds, to brighten up our day;
He cares for little birds, supplying their every need,
He will do the same for you, if unto Him you plead.

© 2005 by Paul H. Leaman

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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