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Tolerance of Our Day
by Paul Leaman

Tolerance seems to be
the byword of our day,
Whatever you believe
matters not, your still OK.

The popular cry is tolerance.
Speaking against one's faith,
Is always very, very wrong
It's an out and out disgrace.

You are nothing but a bigot
with no tolerance or true love,
Many shrink from being called bigot
and yet dishonor the Father above!

Heresy against God's Word
is more padable to most today,
To speak ill of someone's faith
to them would cause dismay.

Even notable preachers say
believe in the light you've been given,
And if you truly believe in that light
you will someday go to heaven.

What must God think in heaven
when so many refuse His own Son?
And follow someone, even a mere man,
no matter how great, or what he's done.

A mere man, must die for his own sin,
how can what he teaches, help you?
Oh my friend, only the blood of Jesus
can wash and make you new.

Worried about those with no light,
Then take the truth to them as I did;
Just make sure you have the truth,
and open God's Word once hid.

There is only one way to heaven,
and that is believing in God's way;
He gave His Son to die for you!
Oh, believe my friend, believe today!

© 2005 by Paul H. Leaman

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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