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Snow, Snow
by Paul Leaman

Snow is so soft and alluring, floating to the ground,
Against the dark gray sky, it truly is profound,
It whitens every dark place, under every bush and tree,
It gives a glow of brightness, which only comes from Thee.

It spreads across the low lands and on the mountains high,
Falling on the branches, of the trees standing nigh;
There is not a lane or roadway, where the snow doesn't fall,
Coming into the barn, through every hole in the wall.

Drifting as high as the fence tops, along the entrance lane,
Covering most of the hen house, and the shed of grain;
The pick-up truck, is hard to see, beneath all the snow,
To make it to the barn and the tractor, will have to wait, I know.

The sun is now descending, and darkness will soon be here,
I think we'll dig out tomorrow, now, the weather's too severe;
The live stock have been cared for, the kids are all inside,
We are all in our cozy home, and there we will abide.

Farming is a hard life, but it is all I've ever known,
It's a life of trusting God each day, and knowing we're never alone;
Every crop that's planted, whether corn or barley or wheat,
It's God that gives the increase, and makes the harvest sweet.

So let the snow keep coming down, everything will be alright,
Tomorow will be a wonder land, of snow, a true delight;
We just trust our Lord every day, He is always by our side,
And we trust Him for all eternity, and in Him constantly abide.

© 2005 by Paul H. Leaman

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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