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Tattered Home
by Paul Leaman

Back an old dirt road, the weeds standing high,
down beyond a standing oak, did an old house lie;
It was in a frightful state, neglected many a year,
That, no one lived in this old house, was very, very clear.
The roof had large holes here and there, and sagging somewhat too,
Just how long the old house stood, I'm sure no one knew;
If it had ever been painted, there was no way of knowing today,
The outside, I tell you, was completely in disarray.
All the shutters were gone but two,
I think they were once painted blue;
The windows were all broken but one,
The casing and woodwork, every where undone.

Having no front door, I went up and looking inside,
I saw an old dirty table, two chairs cast aside;
The floor was covered with filth and debris,
It was in a sad shape, I'm sure you would agree.
Then walking through one room to the next,
There, in dim light, seeing some objects;
I walked over, and there on the floor,
Bones, just what it was, you couldn't tell anymore.
It may have been a squirrel, but I was not sure,
So I went on through the house, taking my little tour;
There was not really much to see but neglect and decay,
Here once stood a proud new home, but it sure wasn't today.

What about your spiritual house, Oh my Christian friend?
Is it in a state of spiritual decay, fearful of its' end?
Have you kept your house clean and pure?
Do you know that you are truly saved, or, are you unsure?
If your life is filled with the filth of sin, confess your sin today,
Christ will come in and cleanse you anew, if you have gone astray.
So set your house in order, throw out all the trash my friend,
And be determined to live for Christ, and love Him to the end,

© 2005 by Paul H. Leaman

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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