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Dancing In Heaven
by Martha Carr

The angels are dancing in the starlight tonight,
Lighting the stars with candles so bright.

Smiling as they dance through the heaven above,
Caressing the star tips with satin laced gloves.

The stars twinkle brightly to let the angels know,
No matter where they dance the starlight will glow.

Waltzing in time to the harps lovely tune,
Winking to the smile on the face of the moon.

Open your eyes, stare at the heaven above,
Imagine the angels dancing with love.

If you look even closer I am sure you will see,
Grandma and grandpa angels swaying so free.

Angels so radiant they light up the sky,
Dancing to the choir singing the sweet by & by.

Angels sway softly in robes spun out of gold,
Spreading star dust as they dance on their toes.

Slippers of silk on their little feet as they leap,
Dancing on the star tips looking so sweet.

Next time you look at the stars twinkling so bright,
Imagine the angels dancing in the moonlight.

© by Martha Carr

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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