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Can You Walk the Walk?
by Joyce C. Lock

Can you walk the walk,
Talk the talk;
Put your money
Where your mouth is?

Weve all heard phrases
That challenged us to greatness.
But instead of being challenged,
What a difference it could make
If we challenged ourselves ...

If, every day, we awoke
To hopeful expectations;
Searching for another mountain
To climb and obstacle to pass ...

While actually looking
Forward to the ruff spots;
Knowing theyll only
Help us grow stronger ...

To be "all that we can be" and then
To be totally contented there,
To be determined to make a difference
And be the difference ...

To reach out to our fellow man
And to look forward to every
Breath of life God has given.

Wed soon discover
That our entire world
Had suddenly changed ...

And when wed look around to see
How such a miracle had happened,
Wed discover the miracle
Took place inside.

© by Joyce C. Lock
Glimpses of God

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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