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In God We Trust
by Martha Duke Manley

They are on our nation's
Seals and Currency.
But, are those same words
Found in our lives, for others to see?

You know, then, as well as I,
It goes like this, "In God We Trust."
But, it seems that the only time
We really say it is when we feel we must.

It is only when
Our country is in need
That these few words
Become, once again, our earnest creed.

You say No! It is not really that way.
Then, let's think and examine.
We say them so often with tears streaming,
When there is death, drought, and famine.

But, what of its' use
In our everyday life?
Can it be only heard when
We are full of Anger, Pain and Strife?

Is it at the threat or time of war,
When we find ourselves crippled by Fear
For the lives of so many,
That we then want God to be near ...

So that He would be
Watching and hear us
As we say, so desperately,
"In God We Trust"?

But for this nation,
I do solemnly pray.
Father, may we wake up and realize,
We need to live those words everyday!

© by Martha Duke Manley

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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