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Are They Really Real?
by Judy Parker

Are angels here in this room today?
Are angels here to show us the way?
Are angels walking among us that we can't see?
Are angels here watching over you and me?

I've been asked "Mom are they really real?".
I've been asked "Can they talk, see, and feel?".
Before I give an answer, I sit and think for a while.
As I give my answer I always have to smile.

Some say that they have wings.
Some say around their heads are golden rings.
Some say they are just people like you and I,
Some say they walk, some say they can fly.

I have met one or two in this life of mine,
I have met some that tell me all will work out fine.
I have met them in a bright and sunny room.
I have met them in days that were filled with gloom.

The angel you meet could look like you or I.
The angel you meet might indeed fly.
Your angel will come when you need a hand.
Your angel will come when you've done all you can.

Everyone's angel will not be the same.
Everyones angel will not always remain.
Some are called back home from where they came,
Some are sent to others who are lost, blind, or lame.

All of us will probably meet an angel here or there.
Some of us won't even realize or care,
That angels are really real, sent from heaven above,
That angels are one way God shows His mighty real love.

© by Judy Parker
February 11, 2004

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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