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Reflections of God
by Joan Clifton Costner

I see God in reflections
Of the world's most wondrous scenes;
The mountain crested yet in white,
In waters still and serene.

And yet, in small and minute things,
His signature is there;
As sure as blazing sunsets write
His Name high in the air!

I see Him in the soaring wings
Of eagles in their flight
And wonder how He taught them
To ride the winds so high.

A dew drop or a snowflake,
Butterfly or song of bird;
Distinct, each one, in tune, in time ~
Created by His word!

But, when a baby's tiny eyes
Look up into your own,
Innocence reflecting Love;
Purity, only God knows ...

It wakes desire within our hearts
For the time the angels come
To meet us at the Jordan;
To take us safely Home ...

To make us stop for a moment,
While on Jordan's banks we be,
And hope in, our own reflection,
The face of Jesus to see!

© 2005 by Joan Clifton Costner
Under His Wings   Heavenly Poetry
Joan is a Heavenly Inspirations Author.

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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