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The Scent Of Evil
by Valentyne Lang

I ran, to escape the putrid smell,
To all four corners of the earth.
But the scent of evil was everywhere,
Having lingered from the time of man's birth.

As I ran, I peered in alley ways
And could not believe my eyes.
A young girl being beaten and raped;
Screaming for mercy while she cries.

I quickened my pace through a neighborhood,
But slowed when I heard a sound.
It was a woman and her little children
Being beaten and kicked to the ground.

Then, I came upon a prison
And, as I peered, my heart stood still.
I saw murderers and pedophiles
Doing drugs and popping pills.

I began running a little faster,
In the hopes that I'd find some peace.
But then, I stumbled amongst some cops.
Even they reeked of an evil beast!

Now feeling desperate to find someone
That could guide me through my search,
I found myself gazing upon an alter
Of what I thought was a holy church.

But as I strained to hear God's holy word,
I began to cry ~ as I realized
The words being spoken, by a preacher man,
Were clearly a bunch of lies!

And as if being lifted by an unnatural force,
I found myself running in all directions.
But no matter what part of the world I was at,
It was impossible to find any protection.

My legs were now aching and my eyes grew tired.
I was gasping for air in my lungs
And, as I stopped to try and catch my breath,
My eyes peered down the barrel of a gun!

It appeared to be an overbearing figure of a man.
The only difference was his number of faces.
He introduced himself as Mr. Government,
Hell bent to leave no human traces!

© by Valentyne Lang

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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