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The Unsung Heroes
by J. States

We hear stories told of Washington,
That great father of our nation,
How he fought at Monmouth and Trenton.
To him we give commendation.

And we hear of Ethan Allen,
And of Molly Pitcher grand tales we tell
We hear of those heroes who've fallen,
Yet who conquered even as they fell.

We hear stories of Grant,
And we honor Lee;
We speak of their deeds most valiant,
And of their noble gallantry.

And we listen of the fearless Jackson,
Courageous to the last,
And we hear about General Patton,
About heroes of our past.

But where are the heroes of today --
Who give their lives our land to bless,
Who shed their blood to freedom pay?
We've missed them in our heedlessness.

Oh, true, we hear of death and failure;
We hear of carnage and atrocity.
But what of honor and of valor?
We soon forget so readily.

There ARE heroes here today!
And praise the Lord for this glad truth!
Sometimes their stories are lost in the fray,
But their lives are a living proof.

And so right now I just want to express,
As every true American patriot ought,
My humble gratitude and thankfulness
For the sacrifices of heroes who've fought.

As long as our flad is upheld by their hand,
And as long as we worship the Father of light
Our God will preserve this free land,
And He will preserve us from the night.

© by J. States

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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