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Feelings Of Being So Very Blest At The Age Of 46
by Julie M.

Feelings of being so very blest
At the age of 46
Never in all my life
Have I seen such beautiful sites
With all the blessed beauties
Of all the many poetry writes
With all the many styles
That are all compiled
Throughout the internet
On the many websites.

Feelings of being so very blest
With the many blessed people
That I have - kind of - sort of - met
All the gifted and talented poet writers
Who have shared their beautiful poetry writes
And, each one lifts each others' spirits
Plus, gives comments and advices
Of how to improve each ones' writings
To get them - just right
Oh so very - out of site.

And, although I just started
To write poems a little over
Six months ago
I know I am not as talented
As the many many other poetry writers
But, that's okay - because at this time
I will keep reading, writing, enjoying and learning
With All - My Many Blessings
Of a new kind of family
The Family Of Poet Writers
And, Their Beautiful Poetry Writings.

Thank You All For Sharing
All your beautiful blessed poems
I sincerely truly love and enjoy
And, Thank You All Very Much
For your comments and feedbacks
Plus advices - too
I truly appreciate - each and every one of you
Thank You All - Fellow Poet Writers
I feel so truly very blest at the age of 46
To become part of this
Beautiful - Loving - Caring
Circle of Poetry Writing Family.

But, most of all - I would love to
Give Thanks and Praise
To God my only Father I know
For blessing me with all of you
And, directing and guiding me
To all these poetry sites
And, blessing me with the gifts
To write and expercience
The World Of Poetry.
Thank You Father - I Love You!

Praise Be To God, Jesus and Holy Spirit
Thank you Father for all my blessings
And, all my answered prayers
Father - I ask that you bless
All your many children
Who Believe In You
And, Love You - too
I ask you Father through your son
Jesus Christ. amen.

With Sincere Thanks Again - My Fellow Poet Writers
My New Found Family and Friends
All So Blessed and Beautiful
God Bless You All
May you all have many blessed days and nights always.

© by Julie M.
Remember Me: Eagles Fly High & Free!
It's Me, Jewels
Jewels' Safe Haven Of Poetry
April 15, 2005

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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