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Soaring As An Eagles - Flying High and Free!
by Julie M.

When I was growing up as a child
I was in a place that wasn't as great
As great as I would have wanted it to be
Always wanting to escape - my reality...

During the days - it was hard enough
But, during certain nights - it was even more rough
And, at nights - I would not sleep
Because I was scared - of what would happen to me - again...

So I would stay awake
And, gaze out my bedroom window
Looking up and asking my only Father
Please Father - Please Come Rescue Me...

At first - I didn't think or feel - he had or even heard
As I was at my bedroom window yet another night - crying
Then, one beautiful glorious blessed night
I could and would - imagine and feel - like an eagle...

It was as if - my only Father in heaven
Had come and rescued me - from all my hurts and pains
I felt as if - I was soaring - like an eagle
Way up high - escaping my reality - flying high and free...

It was - Oh So Beautiful and Peaceful
Way up high - in the night sky
Flying up high and looking down
At all the beauties of the quiet and safe - night sky...

And, being way up high - I felt so good
Of feeling safe and at peace and with the feelings of -
No one could touch or hurt me - now
As I was soaring like an eagle - flying high and free...

Remember Me: Eagles Fly High and Free!
It's Me, Jewels
No one can touch or hurt me now...
My Father has come and rescued me...


Well, that's how I felt as a child
My way of escaping reality
And, believing in my own ways
My Father in heaven - came and rescued me...

As an adult - many times throughout my life and lately
I feel I have those feelings - of feeling safe and at peace
Of being rescued always - and now - I have a new way
By writing my poems and reading many others too...

Praise Be To God - my only Father I know
He has come and rescued me - once again
By blessing me with one more gift
The blessed gift of writing - my poems.

Thank You Father - I Love You So - So Very Much!
Thank You Father - For Rescuing Me Once Again...
Thank You Father For All My Blessings and Answered Prayers
I Very Much Appreciate You and All The Things You Do For Me
Father Please Bless All Your Many Children
Who Believe In You and Love You Too...

© by Julie M.
Remember Me: Eagles Fly High & Free!
It's Me, Jewels
Jewels' Safe Haven Of Poetry
April 16, 2005

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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