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I Can't Stop Seeing You
by Kathy Anne Harris

It was a beautiful day in the mountains
Fresh snow lay cool on the forest floor
Giant Sequoias pierced the winter blue
The trip was all we had hoped for, and more
As we drove down the mountain highway
and your Golden form came into view
pacing determinedly on the inner shoulder
it was so unexpected, this vision of you
A purposeful air to your quickening stride
You paced onward as our van drew near
Away from homes, far from a safe path
You were a sight, heartbreakingly dear
What were you doing out there by yourself?
I could find no answer that eased my dread
Had you been abandoned? Were you lost?
Fear for your safety screamed in my head
Please stop the car and turn around I pled
as we had passed him, continuing our drive
Poor thing must surely be lost or worse
chances were he would not long stay alive
Could you tell? Was he wearing a collar?
Please go back to him, stop, and let's see
He may have tags with his name, a number to call
If he were my dog, wouldn't you do that for me?
Besides, it's not safe to leave him out there
It's getting dark, he won't be as easy to see
There's room in the van, we can bring him inside
Please! He's alone and not where he should be.
But to my rising horror our pace didn't slow down
My words had fallen on closed hearts and deaf ears
I looked back and saw him as he rounded the bend
My spirit in sorrow, my eyes filled with tears
Feeling angry, now, I knew, would not help him, so
I turned back as the beauty around me rushed by
It was so clear that the Retriever was searching...
for something only he could see in his mind's eye
I prayed, "Please, God, don't leave him alone.
Lead him to shelter, a safe harbor for the night.
Guide him to his loved ones. If not, to a new home.
I'm sorry we didn't stop, Lord. Please make it right."
His striding form played again in my head
but this time the Golden was not alone
for with every step his paws did tread
a pair of angel's feet kept pace...
to lead the Golden home.

© 2004 by Kathy Anne Harris

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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