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Furry Angel
by Kathy Anne Harris

He offered me the choice to wait for you at the bridge,
or to spend my days and nights--there, with you instead.
If I went to the park at the bridge to play there in His light
He said, it would be awhile, before you and I could re-unite.

So, I thought for a bit, how long away from you I would be
how when I'd been with you, you were my world and my life
I was already missing you, so when He asked,
I felt I knew that my choice would be all right.

When I told Him where Iíd rather be
He smiled, and said, ďA big job, indeed!
ďThink you to take the angelís keep?
ďTo release the angel who had joined her at birth?Ē
I didnít need to give it much thought,
You were the light of my soul and my heart.

It was a big responsibility to take over the keep of you
but I knew it was nothing, you, for me, would not do.

The day I came to you, taking the angelís place
I think you felt the shift; I saw the softening of your face.
Your lips trembled as you offered our Lord thanks
for listening to you, and answering your prayers.
With a smile you had felt my presence,
and gave me welcome with happy tears.

So at night when you're sleepy and crawl into bed,
when you yawn and pull the covers up over your head.
I'll turn three times--and on the pillow next to you Iíll curl up
snuggling close and sighing, like I used to when I was a pup.

Iíll be with you in your dreams at night,
though you may not remember I was there.
When you awake there will be the comfort
of having spent time with a close, close friend,
one to your heart, who has always been most dear.

I am more, now--more than only your friend,
I am an angel . . . and
your furry guardian, with wings.

And in being your guardian angel,
I hope I will make Him proud,
for I want Him to know how important
my being with you means!

I am more now than your friend,
I am an angel--
I'm your guardian with wings.

© 2005 by Kathy Anne Harris

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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