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Thirty Pieces Of Silver
by Jody Dickey

For thirty pieces of silver
Jesus was delivered.
Judas went without haste
Betraying with a kiss upon
Our Savior's face.

"Father Forgive Him !"

His beloved Peter denied
Three times before
the cock crow cried.

"Father Forgive Him !"

To Jesus Our Savior
Came the suffering and pain.
The soldier's whip cracked-
thirty-nine slashes to Jesus' back!
His clothes were shed;
replaced with a cloak of red.

"Father Forgive Him !"

A crown of thorns
placed upon Our Lord's head
for the King of Jews.
A mark to his soul
With the wearing of their spit
upon his face.

"Father Forgive Them !"

For thirty pieces of silver,
To Jesus,
the pain was delivered.
The people gave a shout-
"Crucify and let Barabbas out!"
For thirty pieces of silver
They forgotten -

"Father Forgive Them !"

With the crown of thorns
To Calvary Hill he was lead.
Placed between two thieves of men,
He would die for our sins.
Jesus chose to be nailed to the cross,
So the sins of others
would be lost.
Only in his blood
Our sins were hidden.
With a sign above his head,

(Luke 23:34)
"Father Forgive Them For They know Not
What They Do."

For thirty pieces of silver,
Into Heaven, Jesus
was delivered.
Our Lord was sacrificed
So he could rise.
All who believe in him,
ask forgiveness of their sins.
Then we will take his hand-
Walk into the promised land.

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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