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by Joyce L. Blume

I was born and reared in Pass Christian
The greatest, small town in this great land.
It sits along the Mississippi, Gulf Coast,
T'was a beautiful place if I must boast!
It has weathered many a stormy day,
But Katrina came and took it away.
Even the powerful storm they called, Camille,
In itself it was a storm that was--UNREAL!

But nothing like this has happened before,
Like a roaring Lion, She came in with a roar!
Devouring everything within its reaches,
Beginning with its beautiful, white-sand beaches!
She reached out many a mile, this beastly storm,
Seeking to do much damage, and do much harm.
It makes one wonder, "Can this coastal town revive,
Can the folks that are left, really survive!"

Yes, If I know this peoples, so strong and tough,
They shall rise up again and slowly, rebuff-
This damage cannot put these people down,
They will find a way to suddenly rebound.
Yes, storm after storm has beat on her shores,
But nothing like this has happened before.
Like a great Tsunami with mighty waves, HIGH,
Did leap over it's great seawall and roared on by!!

It lapped up beautiful home after home,
Leaving a path of destruction as this Lion storm did roam.
But many fled to safety, as the warning did heed,
Yet, some weathered it out but with great sorrow indeed!
There is always a few that have no fear,
With little concern for their loved ones, so dear.
They have an attitude, "It won't happen to me,
I'm not running from the wind nor the sea."

Yes, some have no wisdom that comes from God,
He tells in His Book, "In Him to abide."
So, now the survivors must start over again,
Will they do as before and just live in their sin.
Will they rebuild their Churches and worship their God
Or rebuild their casinos and in them abide?
The Casinos took away their many millions and fled,
Will they now return some of this money, to help bury the dead?

The thousands left behind on this weary shore
Or will the casinos return and do as before?
If these folks left behind take a stand and hide,
In their God from heaven and in Him abide.
But I fear that to corruption they will soon return,
For these tough people seem never to learn.
Now I love this beautiful place, I once called Home,
And I pray for these dear people and sit by the phone,
To hear from my loved ones with no way to defend,
Asking my God to have great mercy on them.
Yes, Camille had a beautiful name true,
And the name, Katrina is beautiful too,
But they were filled with power and fury to spend,
And if time permits will return once again!

So my Dear friends on this beautiful shore,
Don't depend on the things, like you did before,
Trust in Jesus, live for Him and you'll find
It's best do as He says, "Live one Day at a time!"
Yes, just like the Tsunami that struck other lands,
God says in His Word, "He'll not always strive with man."
Time is running short for Christ's soon return,
Will you be ready to go, Did you really learn?"

If you are living for Him you will hear His shout,
"Come up and meet me my children, I'm taking you out!
The dead will rise first and the living will follow
Changed in an eye's twinkle, before you can hollow!
When you see earthly disasters, then do not have fear,
Just Look up to the heavens, for your redemption draws near.
No harm can come nigh to his children divine.
The Lord cares for His own, He will give peace of mind.

© by Joyce L. Blume

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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