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Thanksgiving Day in the Space Age
by Joyce L. Blume

A new world, a harvest, a time of gratitude;
A freedom, a people, with an humble attitude.
A gathering together to celebrate and pray,
Was our beloved America's first Thanksgiving Day.

A God-fearing people, in a new found place,
A past year of victories, a new year to face,
A land of plenty, with great plains to roam,
And wide open spaces to call their new home.

As the years went by, they grew and spread,
A great Christian Nation spiritually fed.
Strong in wisdom and great in might,
A peace-loving people, who will fight for Right!

A new space-age, another harvest and time once again,
To set aside a Day of Thanks, lest all was in vain.
The passed years were troubled, but God saw us through,
To give Him our thanks is the least we can do.

Today, as with our forefathers, there is much to explore.
The heavenly space is waiting with wide open door.
Who knows, if time permits and Christ does not come soon
Our Grandchildren may celebrate, Thanksgiving on the Moon!


May you have a thankful, Thanksgiving Day.

© by Joyce L. Blume

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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