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Mary's Nettle
by Dot McGinnis

When Mary saw the manger herbs,
She wept when she saw one.

It foreshadowed His betrayal,
Could His destiny be undone?

She tried to pluck it from the bedstraw,
But her efforts were in vain.

Its stems were intertwined,
His future'd been ordained.

This mattered not for Mary knew,
What a bitter herb implied.

It symbolized Christ's Jewish roots,
Foretold of how He'd die.

It graced Passover's table,
Spoke of sorrow suffering too.

Some things cannot be changed,
This, Mary knew.

Horehound, "Mary's Nettle,"
"Mother of Godís Tea,"

Offers up a wish of good health,
For you and me.

Found in the manger stable,
Cradled underneath Christ's head.

Intertwined among the bedstraw,
Where Joseph made His bed.

© by Dot McGinnis
Dot is a "Heavenly Inspirations" author
Check out our "Heavenly Inspirations" archive

This writing may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact,
for non-profit ministering purposes.

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